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Top Pallet Lifter (TPL)

Save Up to 80% of Labor Costs

Euro pallets

1000 kg

Run time

8 hours

Docking & lifting

20 sec

Top speed

7.5 km/h

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360-Degree Safety Sensor Coverage

Reinforced with AI-powered vision-based autonomy

AI-Based Detection And Docking

For Ultra Fast And Resilient Performance


Top-Level pallet lifting add-on

Web-based dashboard and fleet management software

Intuitive, user friendly and responsive design to monitor a fleet of robots

AI-powered ultra-fast system connectivity

connect with WMS and other IT management software, with (almost) no set up costs

Specs Of The TPL Robot

Maximum Payload

1000 kg

Run time

8 hours

Pallet Type

All Pallets

Top speed

7.5 km/h

Charging Time

<1.5 hours

15 min charging for 2 hours operation


750 mm


750 mm


550 mm

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