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Hire Robots in Days

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No need for upfront investment, IT infrastructure, or engineering effort

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Versatile Robotic Workforce

Handling Diverse Needs with Ease and High Efficiency

Ground Pallet Lifter (GPL)

Handling Euro-Pallets from Ground Level Up to 1000 kg

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Top Pallet Lifter (TPL)

Handling All Pallet Types Up to 1000 kg

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Custom Item Transporter (CIT)

Move Any Custom-Size Item Up to 1000 kg

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Carton & Bin Transporter (CBT)

Move Cartons, Bins, and Items In Your Facility

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Save Up to 80% of Labor Costs

Achieve Extremely Fast, Affordable, and Easy Autonomous Robotization

Instant Configuration & Simulation

Easily select robots through our platform. Test and simulate scenarios in real-time to see immediate results.

Flexible & Affordable Renting

Our modular robots enable affordable pricing, making cutting-edge automation accessible without long-term commitments.

Seamless Software Integration

Our AI-driven platform rapidly adapts to your WMS, ERP, etc., ensuring seamless integration with our fleet management in just days.

Our Grand Vision For More Productive World & Humanity

In the next 5-10 years, we're committed to revolutionizing how work is done by offering dozens of autonomous robot types. Our end-to-end system will make hiring robots not just a possibility but a streamlined, accessible reality for all. With our system, any business can hire a diverse fleet of robots in days—each tailored to meet specific operational needs with unprecedented speed, affordability, and ease. This is our commitment to shape a more productive world where human creativity and innovation reach new heights, beyond the traditional constraints.

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Partners & Supporters

Collaborating with industry leaders to build the best robotization experience