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Starnus Technology partners with Rhenus Warehousing Solutions

May 28, 2024 • 5 minutes read

Starnus is thrilled to announce the beginning of a strategic partnership with Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Netherlands. This collaboration aims to combine Starnus' cutting-edge Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology with Rhenus' extensive logistics expertise to optimize warehouse operations and drive efficiency. 

The partnership focuses on developing unique AI and robotics solutions tailored to Rhenus' specific intralogistics needs. The Rhenus-Starnus partnership consists of several phases, including design and build, prototype testing, and a pilot phase at the Rhenus Tilburg location. The goal is to create a new standard for warehouse automation that can be easily adapted and deployed across the logistics industry. 

Starnus Technology is committed to shaping the future of industries through AI and robotics. This partnership with Rhenus Warehousing Solutions is a significant step towards realizing that vision.