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Starnus presents its Custom Item Transporter robot at Breda Robotics

May 07, 2024 • 3 minutes read

Starnus Technology had the opportunity to pitch its idea and present its CIT robot during the most recent event of Breda Robotics. The invitation came from High Tech NL Robotics and in particular, their Zorgbots project team. Started in March 2023, the ZorgBOTS project aims to stimulate the application of robotics in the healthcare industry in the Netherlands. Moreover, the goal is to facilitate the workload of healthcare staff, including logistical activities, properly respond to the growing demand for healthcare, and provide more personalized care to patients in hospitals and/or care institutions. During the event, all partners of the Zorgbots project presented their solutions. The CIT robot presented by Starnus allows smooth transportation of hospital supplies. Moreover, interesting discussions took place and a foundation for meaningful partnerships and collaborations was set. Starnus is thankful for the opportunity to attend this event.