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Starnus has its first launch

Mar 17, 2024 • 1 min read

On 24.07.23 Starnus revealed its unique modular robotics technology to a selected private audience. This great milestone marked the moment at which Starnus officially introduced its first product to the market. The next steps for Starnus would be the first deployments of the modular robots at customer locations, and preparations for growth stage. Starnus' Fully Modular Robotic System (FMRS) technology, which currently is patent-pending, offers full customization to customers, and thus, creates the opportunity to possessing the perfect robotic solution for them. On the other hand, the modular system, allows for plug-&-play adaptation of the robots on demand, at location and with minimum interruption to current operations. As a result, there is no risk involved for customers in investing on Starnus' modular system, since the fleet of robots can be adapted and always maintained at maximum efficiency. The modular concept was demonstrated to the audience at the Grand Demo Day, and the uniqueness of the technology was discussed in more details.